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ACN offers natural herbal extract & Ingredients with Kosher certification

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  •  Ecdysone

  •  Ecdysone 50% HPLC

  •  Ecdysone 90% UV

  •  Ecdysone 90% HPLC

  •  Ecdysone 95% HPLC

  •  Ecdysone 98% HPLC

  •  Ecdysone 99% HPLC

       ACNS001 Asataxanthin Haematococcus pluvialis

  • Astaxanthin 1.5% HPLC Powder

  • Astaxanthin 2.0% HPLC Powder

  • Astaxanthin 3.0% HPLC Powder

  • Astaxanthin 5.0% HPLC Powder

  • Astaxanthin 5.0% HPLC Oil

  • Astaxanthin 10.0% HPLC Oil



      ACNS0070 Coleus Forskohlii​

  • Forskohill 10% HPLC

  • Forskohill 20% HPLC

  • Forskohill 98% HPLC

   ​   ACNS0071 Cnidium monnieri Extract

  • Osthole 10% HPLC

  • Osthole 20% HPLC

  • Osthole 50% HPLC

  • Osthole 98% HPLC

      ACNS00135 Epimedium Extract

  • Icariin 5% HPLC

  • Icariin 10% HPLC

  • Icariin 20% HPLC

  • Icariin 60% HPLC

  • Icariin 98% HPLC

  • ACNS00137 Eggshell Membrane Powder

       ACNS00509 Acer Truncatum Extract

  • Nervonic Acid 5% GC

  • Nervonic Acid 75% GC

  • Nervonic Acid 85% GC



​    ​ ACNS00199 Grape Seed Extract​

  • OPC 95% UV

  • Polyphenol 85% UV

  • Polyphenol 90% UV

       ACNS00415 Marigold Extract

  • Lutein 10% HPLC

  • Lutein 20% HPLC

  • Lutein 40% HPLC

  • Lutein 80% HPLC

  • Zeaxanthin 5% HPLC

  • Zeaxanthin 10% HPLC

  • Zeaxanthin 40% HPLC

      ACNS00202 Giant Knotweed Extract

  • Resvertrol 20% HPLC

  • Resvertrol 50% HPLC

      ACNS00600 Rhodiola Extract

  • Rosavins 3% HPLC

  • Salidroside 1% HPLC

  • Salidroside 2% HPLC

  • Salidroside 3% HPLC

  • Salidroside 5% HPLC

  • Salidroside 10% HPLC

      ACNS0052 Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus 

  • Pucoxanthin 5%

ACNS00153 Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus terrestris,according to wikipedia, is a herb that has been used in the traditional medicine of China and India for centuries.

ACNS00601 Rosa laevigata Fruit Extract

Rosa laevigata, ie Jin Ying Zi, the Cherokee rose, is a white, fragrant rose native to southern China eastern China, Central China, south to Laos and Vietnam, and invasive in the United States. Rosa Laevigate used part is Fruit.

ACNS00602 Rhus chinensis Mill. Extract

Rhus chinensis(Chinese name is Wu Bei Zi), the nutgall tree or Chinese sumac, is a plant species in the genus Rhus. The species is used to produce galls, called Galla Chinensis Chinese Gall, which are rich ingallotannins, a type of hydrolysable tannins. The infestation by Chinese sumac aphids can lead to a gall which is valued as a commercial product. Chinese galls are used in Chinese medicine to treat diarrhea, night sweats, coughs, diarrhea, dysentery and to stop intestinal and uterine bleeding. The use part of Rhus Chinensis extract is fruit.

ACNS0080 Cynomorium songaricum Extract

Cynomorium songaricum Rupr. (CS), Chinese name is Suo Yang, is a parasitic plant that grows in northwest China.

ACNS00550 Cnidium monnieri Extract Osthole 50% HPLC

Cnidium monnieri Extract, ie She Chuang Zi, which is a green yellow powder or white powder extract from seed of Cnidum Monnieri. Cnidium monnieri is said to be a warm, bitter and acrid herb, native to China. Osthole 50% HPLC is a main specification for men’s healthy formula. Cnidium monnieri Extract also has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a remedy for many skin ailments, as well as a treatment for sexual dysfunction.

ACNS00135 Epimedium Leaf Extract Icariin 60% HPLC & Icariin 98% HPLC

Horny Goat Weed extract, Ie Epimedium Extract, Yin Yang
Huo Extract, which extract from leaf, the active specification as Icariin 10% HPLC-98% HPLC. Icariin 60% HPLC and Icariin 98% HPLC has a very strong effective on the men’s healthy, use form could be capsule, pills and liquid. Material source is only from Shaanxi & Gansu, China. Horny goat weed is an herb that has been a traditional remedy in China for centuries. It’s used for low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, pain, an other conditions.

ACNS00199 Grape Seed Extract OPC 95%/Polyphenols 85%-90%

Grape seed extract with OPC 95% and polyphenols 85%-90%

Grape Seed extract, ie GSE, is an Red brown powder to Purple powder which is extracted from Seed of Grape. Natural standardized Procyanidins extract made from selected grape seeds (Vitis Vinifera).

ACNS00211 Ginkgo Biloba Extract(GBE) 24% Flavoneglycosides, 6% Terpene Lactones

Ginkgo Biloba Extract, 24% Flavoneglycosides and 6% Terpene Lactones, prepared from its fan-shaped leaves.Ginkgo Biloba Extract is used as a dietary supplement for many conditions, including eye problems, brain, dementia, intermittent claudication, memory, tinnitus, and other health problems.

ACNS00446 Lutein & Zeaxanthin marigold flower extract

Lutein & Zeaxanthin is extract from marigold flower(Origined in Shandong, China)

Lutein Powder: 5-80% UV & HPLC

Zeaxanthine Powder: 5-80% UV & HPLC

ACNS0023 Broccoli Seed Extract Glucoraphanin

English Name: Broccoli Seed Extract

Latin Name: Brassica oleracea L.var.italic Planch.
Specification: Glucoraphanin 1% HPLC -20% HPLC

ACNS060 20-Hydroxyecdysone/Beta-ecdysone/Cyanotis vaga extract

English Name: Cyanotis Vaga Extract

Latin Name: Cyanotis arachnoidea C. B. Clarke

Synonym: 20-Hydroxyecdysone; Ecdysterone; β-Ecdysone

CAS Number: 5289-74-7
Specification: Beta-ecdysone(100% Natural)​, Ecdysone 50% HPLC, Ecdysone 70% HPLC, Ecdysone 90% HPLC,  Ecdysone 95% HPLC, Ecdysone 98% HPLC 

ACNS00172 Bladderwrack Extract Fucus vesiculosus Extract 0.1% Iodine & Polysaccharide 10%

ACNS00172 Bladderwrack Extract

Fucus vesiculosus Extract 0.1% Iodine & Polysaccharide 10%

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