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ACNS00200 Grape Seed Extract OPC 95%

Clover Nutrition is a leading herbal extract supplier in China, if you need Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Natural Astaxanthin, Epimedium Extgract, please check information as following and feel free to inquiry offer and sample.

Product Name: ACNS00200 Grape Seed Extract Specification: OPC 95% UV Polyphenol 90% UV Polyphenol 85% UV Appearance: Red Brown to Purple Powder Shipping Certification: DGM Available: 500KG in stock inquiry: Contact ACN

Welcome inquiry main products: Epimedium Extract Icariin 98% HPLC Natural Astaxanthin 10% HPLC ACNS001 Astaxanthin-Haematococcus pluvialis Powder 2-5% & 5-10% Oil ACNS00446 Lutein 5-80% & Zeaxanthin 5-80%

Grape Seed extract

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