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ACNS0077 Clary Sage Extract Sclareolide 98%

ACNS0077 Clary Sage Extract Sclareolide 98%
ACNS0077 Clary Sage Extract Sclareolide 98%

A Clover Nutrition Inc is a manufacturer of tea products, herbal extract, functional food for use in dietary supplements, food, beverage, flavors and cosmetics.At same time, Clover Nutrition could also offer custome formulation, Encapsulation, Granulating.

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Clary Sage Extract
Clary Sage Extract

Product Name: ACNS0077 Clary Sage Extract

Specification: White Fine Powder Sclareolide 98%; Light Yellow Powder 50% Sclareolide 50%

Stock: 125KG

Sclareolide is obtained from natural sources clary sage.

Usage: Sclareolide is commonly used in many cosmetic products as a skin conditioning agent, perfum etc. and weight loss products.

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Company Name: A Clover Nutrition Inc

Address: No. 58 Keji 3rd Road , Hi-Tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710075


Phone: 0086-29-81875649

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