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New Batch of Peony Root Extract(Paeonia lactiflora)

Clover Nutrition is a leading herbal extract supplier in China, if you need Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea extract, Magnolia extract, osthole extract, please check information as following and feel free to inquiry offer and sample.

Peony Root Extract(Paeonia lactiflora) Paeoniflorin 10% 20% HPLC

Product Name: Peony Root Extract

Specification: Paeoniflorin 10% 20%

Apperance: Light Yellow Fine Powder

Shipping Certification: DGM

Avaliable: 500 in stock


Welcome inquiry main products:

Welcome inquiry main products

1. Astaxanthin 2-5% Powder, astaxanthin 5-10% Oil,

2. Icariin 10-98% HPLC, 98% Icariin 98% price is really really good,

3. Ecdysone 98% HPLC,

4. Kaempferol 98% HPLC,

5. Ajuga Turkestanica Extract

6. Lutein/Zeaxanthin marigold extract

7. Lycopene 5%-20%

8. Grape Seed Extract

9. Fucoidan/Fucoxanthin

10. Green Tea Extract

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